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Administration Director

The Administration director oversees functions of the contingent management team including communications prior to and during the event, processing of applications and working with the finance team to facilitate any other administrative support needs of the contingent. You will also oversee all contingent documentation and record keeping.

Transport/Logistics Director

The Transport/Logistics director is responsible for important functions relating to the contingent relating to transport of participants to and from the event, transport of equipment to and from the event and oversight of the contingent headquarters setup and planning. They will develop a team to support these functions.

Promotion and Marketing

Working with the Assistant Contingent Leader, these roles focus on promotion and marketing of the event to South Australian participants.

Includes roles such as roadshow teams, website and social media.

Contingent Program Director

This role focuses on the activities that happen within the contingent headquarters, including functions, the contingent ‘relaxation’ zone, merchandise and retail.

Youth Patrol

Our youth patrol will support the contingent team to ensure the ‘youth voice’ is key as part of all decisions made by the contingent. This patrol may change over time, depending on the topics required, and would suit young people who have attended major events (Jamboree, Venture etc) previously.

Jamboree Scout Leader

This role is the “Jamboree Troop Leader” responsible for oversight and co-ordination of a Jamboree Unit. You will be well organised, have excellent leadership and team development skills as well as experience having attended previous Jamborees or major events. This role works with the Contingent Management team and other key stakeholders to ensure the success of the Jamboree Unit.

Line Leader

Each Jamboree Unit is made up of a number of Line Leaders (Jamboree Assistant Scout Leaders) who work with the Jamboree Scout Leader to provide a functional, well operating and successful leader team to support youth members attending this event. You will take on a role as part of the Unit Leadership team of either Admin/Comms, Quartermaster, Health/Wellbeing or Activities.

Service/Support Leader

These roles work outside of the Unit and are critical to the success of the Jamboree – it might be assisting as staff on an activity site,

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