Jamboree Units


A Jamboree Unit is the grouping of about 6 patrols of Scouts, supported by around five adult Leaders, that camp together, eat together, and manage welfare and activities together.

A Jamboree Patrol is a small group of Scouts within the Jamboree Unit, led by a Jamboree Patrol Leader. Some Jamboree Units may choose to nominate a Jamboree Unit Leader, who is a Scout who has a leadership role in the Jamboree Unit.

Jamboree Units are formed by matching Scouts and adult Leaders from different Scout Groups across South Australia. 

The adult support team in a Jamboree Unit is led by the Jamboree Scout Leader, who leads a team of Jamboree Line Leaders. Each Jamboree Line Leader is assigned a special responsibility:

Jamboree Units will be formed once applications close. Check back here later to discover your Jamboree Unit!





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