Got a question about Jamboree or after some more information? This FAQ page has been developed to answer some of those common questions.

If your question isn’t answered by the below please Contact Us and we’ll follow up an answer for you and post here for others!

What should I take to Jamboree?

The suggested gear list from AJ2019 is included here for reference

How do I apply?

Applications are not yet open! Try back around January 2021!

The application system is now open. As part of this process anyone attending AJ2019 will need to register. You will need your personal information, an ID photo, your medical and dietary information, next of kin etc.

Once the online application is completed you’ll need to print it to get signed and then upload it to the application system for approval.

Who can attend AJ2022?
Check out our Who can attend page to find out more about eligibility criteria.
How much does it cost?
The breakdown of the Jamboree fee + Contingent fee can be found on our Cost page on the website.
How do I find out more?

Scouts Australia (SA Branch)
83 Greenhill Road
Wayville SA 5034