Got a question about Jamboree or after some more information? This FAQ page has been developed to answer some of those common questions.

If your question isn’t answered by the below please Contact Us and we’ll follow up an answer for you and post here for others!

What is a Jamboree?

A Jamboree is a massive national camp for Scouts aged 11-14. Most Scouts get only one chance in their life to enjoy a Jamboree as Scout.

Leaders, Venturers and Rovers can also attend – they help out with running the event.

A Jamboree is 10 days of action, adventure, entertainment and daily life, camping with approximately 10,000 others.

Australian Jamboree began in 1934 and is now held every four years.

The 26th Australian Jamboree is called AJ2025 for short.

When is the Jamboree?

AJ2025 opens on Monday January 6th 2025. It closes on the night of Wednesday January 15th.

Where is the Jamboree?

Australian Jamborees rotate around the Australian mainland States.

AJ2025 will be held in Maryborough Queensland at the Maryborough Showgrounds and Equestrian Centre.

Maryborough is a part of the Fraser Coast region and is situated on the banks of the Mary River. It is 3 hours north of Brisbane and 30 minutes Southwest of Hervey Bay.

Am I eligible to go to AJ2025?

The complete eligibility requirements for all participants – Scouts, Venturers, Rovers

and Leaders – can be found at: https://jamboree.sa.scouts.com.au/who-can-attend/

For the first time, Venturers have 2 options to attend, as a participant or as a service leader.

How do I register for AJ2025?

Registrations are now open and are due to close in April 2024.

To register please go to: https://aj2025.com.au/

If you have previously put in an expression of interest, you will now be able to go in and complete your registration.

If you didn’t submit an expression of interest, that’s ok just head to the website and start the registration process.

How much does AJ2025 cost?

Youth Participants (including Venturer Participants): $2,999

Venturer Service Leader: $1,850

Adults and Rovers: $1,850

The first payment instalment will be due in March.

This fee includes all transport, food, activities, accommodation, shake down camp in October 2024, Jamboree shirt and badge.

Details on how to pay at https://jamboree.sa.scouts.com.au/cost/


How do I get to Jamboree?

The SA Contingent will be flying from Adelaide to Brisbane and then taking buses to Maryborough.

The details for travel are still being finalised. Once the details are confirmed we will let you know, keep checking emails, social media and website for all new and updated information.

Is there a possibility of independent travel to or from the Jamboree?

There are possibilities of independent travel to and from the event.

As ALL travel details are still being finalised, please make sure in the application process you note your plans so it can be followed up and discussed closer to the event.

Please note; there is no guarantee that all independent travel will be accepted and there are no discounts for independent travel.

We have an NDIS plan, can this help with the cost of attending Jamboree?

This is something you will need to talk about with your NDIS plan manager as each plan is individual.

We are happy to assist if you need something specific for your plan manager.

Please note if you are eligible for assistance, you will most likely have to pay up front before any reimbursements from NDIS, please discuss with your plan manager.

Do I need spending money?

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Is there AJ2025 Merchandise to purchase?

Jamboree merchandise can become collector items in the future and it’s a great way to show off your Jamboree experience.

The SA Contingent will have merchandise for sale as we get closer to the event.

There is an early edition SA Contingent hoodie that you can purchase, please go to: https://jamboree.sa.scouts.com.au/sa-contingent-merchandise/

AJ2025 will have merchandise to purchase as well.

Please note, no additional merchandise is compulsory.

What medical support will be provided?

The onsite medical centre will be staffed by volunteer doctors, nurses and other

support staff with extensive medical experience.

Local hospitals (and other emergency agencies) are aware of the Jamboree and will be ready to assist if necessary.

There are also first aid posts around the Jamboree.

And every Jamboree Unit will have a Line Leader who will help with first aid and

related issues.

Emergency services are heavily involved in the planning of AJ2025 and will be onsite during the event to ensure Jamboree is safe for everyone.

My child has a serious/unique medical condition and is still learning to manage it on their own, what provisions are there for my child?

The management of medical conditions is a high focus of the event and the Contingent to ensure these are well managed.

Please make sure you document everything in the application. The system will collate all the information and we will be able to put procedures in place.

Communication between the Contingent, Line Leaders and parents is what will ensure a best practice outcome.

My child takes regular medication, how is this dealt with?

Procedures will be in place for storage, control, management, and access to medications. Specifics regarding sending medications to Jamboree will be released closer to the event.

My child needs a carer to attend Jamboree, is this possible?

There are options for Youth to have carers. There are some requirements around this. Please note the need for a carer in the application and you will be contacted. Any carer will need to be a registered Scouts SA Adult Helper. The cost associated with a carer would be the same as the adult fees for the event.

What about special diets and allergies?

All special diets and allergies will be accommodated.

You can advise of special food requirements or allergies when you complete your


Please note, not liking broccoli is not considered a special dietary requirement! Trying new food and learning to eat food you’re not fond of is all part of the Jamboree experience. Embrace the broccoli!🥦🥦

What if I don’t feel safe?

Speak up! If you don’t feel comfortable with anything, speak up.

Tell your Patrol Leader, fellow Scouts, Leaders, or Welfare team.

What is AJ2025’s policy on bullying?

Scouting has zero tolerance for bullying. If anyone is causing unhappiness for others,

this would initially be handled within the Jamboree Unit by the Unit Council and Scout

Leaders. However, if necessary, this would be escalated.

What if I get homesick or I want to go home?

The requirement to have a minimum of 10 nights camping as a Scout before the

Jamboree is aimed at helping each Scout best prepare for their time at the Jamboree.

But it is not unusual, at some point in the Jamboree, to miss some aspects of home.

This usually passes quickly.

There are lots of people to talk to that can help you through these times, your fellow Scouts, Leaders and our experienced welfare team.

Ultimately, in special circumstances, a Scout could return home. But this is very rare.

Can I visit my Scout at AJ2025?

The Jamboree site is a closed site with heavy security requirements regarding who can and cannot be on site. There will be a visitors’ day, please check back in for details.

What do I need to take to Jamboree?


What if I have questions about personal gear?

Talk with your local Scout Leaders. They will help you prepare before the Jamboree.

What is a Jamboree Unit?

A Jamboree Unit includes up to 36 Scouts and usually four adult Leaders from your home State.

The Unit has six Patrols and each Patrol has a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. Jamboree Units meet well before the Jamboree so everyone gets to

know each other.

(And, sometimes, for a post-Jamboree reunion.)

Will I be with my home Unit?

Yes, and your home Unit may be joined by Scouts from a few other Scout Groups from your State to form a Jamboree Unit of approximately 36 Scouts.

This is one of the best bits about a Jamboree – new friends from new places. You may even have Scouts from overseas in your Jamboree Unit.

What if no one else from my Scout Group is attending?

Not a problem at all! Your Contingent will make sure you are allocated to a Jamboree Unit and made to feel welcome. This is a great way to make heaps of new friends.

What are Sub camps?

Subcamps are a bit like suburbs within the Jamboree site.

A Subcamp is made up of designated number of Units. Your Jamboree Unit will have its own campsite within your sub camp.

Each Sub camp has its own amenities like toilets and shower blocks, food collection points, garbage disposal points, and chill out zones.

Each Subcamp has a management team that looks after facilities, welfare and

assisting in food distribution.

When will Scouts and Leaders be allocated to Jamboree Units?

At this stage Jamboree Units will be formed and participants advised mid 2024.

Can I take my phone to AJ2025?

Phones are allowed at Jamboree, however there will be no charging facilities.

The mobile phone information and policy will be released soon, please check back for details.

How do I find out more about AJ2025?

Talking to your Scout Leaders is a great way to find out about Jamboree. You might have several Leaders in your Scout Group that have attended a Jamboree as either a Youth or Leader and, in some cases, both!

You can also head to our website, follow us on social media or contact us via email:

SA Contingent website: https://jamboree.sa.scouts.com.au/ 

AJ2025 website: https://aj2025.com.au/ 

SA Contingent contact email: jamboree@sa.scouts.com.au 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aj2025sa/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sajamboreecontingent/ 

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